Get Best Summer Dating Advice To Date Your Roommate Quickly

8 Mar

I have a straight friend. He doesn’t grasp i favor men. however am i able to tell if he would need to own sex with a person or not?

Put the balls in his court. Let him grasp that you simply like dudes and square measure sexually offered — I leave it up to you to work out the way to get this data across. however don’t raise him for sex outright. If he’s interested, he’ll create that identified. If not, then you’ll avoid the awkward I-just-hit-on-my-straight-roommate-and-now-have-to-live-with-him issue.

My woman simply turned forty, and insists on keeping her woman elements clean smooth-shaven. however am i able to get her to travel au natural?

Dear stunning woman,

An recommendation journalist told Pine Tree State that policing a woman’s body (this includes grooming and hair maintenance) is unwarranted, sexist and additionally annoying. I understand that I’m allowed to own preferences, however that ultimately what you are doing along with your body is your call and yours alone. I’m deeply laid low with the relentless, alarming, and atrocious messages girls square measure bombarded with regarding their appearances each single day, and that i refuse to participate within the shaming of one thing as miraculous as your body. i’m pitying ever insistence that my opinions regarding your nether hair were in any method relevant and can keep my preferences to myself going forward. I am woke.


Your hubby

I liked  your answer to a woman with rats asking out her vet. So, however would possibly a feminine consumer with birds take out her exotics male vet?

I love that you simply assume my recommendation are totally different for a bird vet versus a rat vet. does one need bird puns, is that it? Twist my arm!

“Are you associate exotic bird veterinarian? as a result of you’re therefore fly.”

“So, your nest or mine?”

“You ruffle my feathers.”

“Are you a nocturnal bird of prey? as a result of I bet you’ll go hooter night long.”

“Nice cockatoo!”

“Let’s go south for the winter. And by ‘south’ I mean my pants.”

Or. Or! simply raise him out. Don’t overthink it. It’s occasional. If he desires to induce to understand you higher and doesn’t mind that you’re a consumer, then he can. If not, take the no graciously and march on.
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