App: Kik
Username: Zay23232355
Age: 27
Race or Ethnicity: Black or African American
About me:

Hi I’m Kai. I’m 24 not 27. My birthday is July 26th. I’m living life and I love vibing and going to concerts.

I also like to trade nudes, I’m never in the ones I send you and each one you send me should include your face so I can post it on my tumblr: shawn501 or one of my twitters: kaikai2323551 or OVOshawn501

Forgot to mention I’m a gay guy. I just bait straight guys because it turns me on. No hard feelings. Just dirty dealings. Please report my accounts, I don’t know how I can live like this.

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Interested in : Sexting, Nudes, dirty, boys, trade, Sugar Daddy, One Night Stand