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Our pay feature or sticky listing/post service – which utilizes site’s over half million monthly pageview visitors, mostly are rich USA/UK/Canada/Australia users, highly engaging participants, and high conversion – helps you to find friends, relationships, or potential buyers at a cheap listing cost.

We have seen many people find over 50 new friends, find relationships, earn over $30 USD within a day of listing. Buy our feature listings, and been listed at the top of our front webpage to find your opportunities. The more you paid, the higher you rank on the webpage; and the more expose you reach, and you attract more users to see your listing. This site helps you to connect you with your audience/business, and establish a long term relationship with each other. Don’t wait, buy our feature listing now!

Email me at to get detail on how to pay to be featured at the top of webpage. Your payment amount will determined how high your listing/post will be ranked on the top first/second/third pages (which means you pay more you rank high).
Below is pricing:
a) Donation $1.99 USD. Most likely listed on third or second page.
b) $2.99 USD for 2 day Sticky/Featured Listing. Most likely listed on third or second page.
c) $17.34 USD for 1 Week (7 days) Sticky/Featured Listing. Most likely listed on third or second page.
d) $55.43 USD for 1 Month (30 days) Sticky/Featured Listing. Guarantee listed on second page.
e) $110.79 USD for 1 Month (60 days) Sticky/Featured Listing. Guarantee listed on first page.

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    Please clear your browser’s cache and revisit the site if you don’t see your listing been up. Please also visit second and third webpage to find your listing. For those who pay less than $10 USD, you most likely will not rank on first page, due to the site ranks/sorts by payment amount, you pay more you rank high. If you did not rank on first spot or webpage, it is because someone has paid more than you and rank higher than you.
    * Duplicate listing/post should not have the same description wording in the About Me section. Otherwise, system treats as spam and all will be removed.
    * Free listing/post with same username, content or sentence submitted more than 3 times per day will be considered as spam, and all history listings with the same username will be ban, ip ban and all history listings/posts (even with different content) will be removed.
    * System does not accept upload an image size of 1mb or more. Please resize your image to a small size, else, system will not include your image in your submission/uploaded listing/post. If your listing does not have an image that has been uploaded, this maybe the reason.