How To Know Who Has blocked you on Kik? By Kik Usernames List

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The problem is that it may be robust to grasp once somebody blocks on kik. The app doesn’t tell you.

This implies that you just have to be compelled to believe a trifle of sleuthing. after you send a message on kik, you'll notice that there's to a small degree D or AN S next to the message. The S means the message has been sent.

It's then whisking its method through the air to urge to the user’s phone. The D means it's been delivered. it's the D you would like to appear out for.

The D still seems once the user has blocked you from their kik courier.

The D may be one among 2 totally different colours. It will either be black or a pale gray. once the message has been delivered however the app has not been opened, the D remains as a pale out gray.

When the app has been opened, even though the person doesn't browse your message, the D becomes black.

If the D ne'er turns black, you'll take care that you just are blocked from kik courier.

Obviously, once you have got been blocked from the app there's not plenty you'll do. simply begin yearning for new Kik Finder.

No, we tend to don't advocate that you just create AN account and acquire involved with the individual that blocked you. this is often progressing to create your issues plenty worse. it's conjointly terribly irritating.

If they need blocked you once, they're progressing to roll in the hay once more. Your best bet is to do and make sure that you are doing not get blocked within the 1st place.