How to Add New Kik Friends On Kik

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One of the items that sets Kik traveler except for different chat applications, is its ability to speak with others that you simply meet on-line "anonymously".

Kik doesn't need your address or maybe a sign, in contrast to different apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

So you would possibly be asking? If it's anonymous, however am i able to add my on-line friends?

There ar a number of alternative ways of doing thus.

First, after you install the app, Kik can raise you whether or not you wish to go looking your contact list for different Kik users. after you enable Kik to try to to this it'll scan your contacts list and appearance for email addresses that match with current Kik users.

Kik didn't notice any of my friends, why?

Many people use Kik anonymously, this implies they sign on with associate degree email that's not their main one, or maybe their own. this implies that a lot of of your friends aren't victimisation their real email with their Kik account.

Even additional doubtless, is that the incontrovertible fact that you do not store your contacts email addresses on your phone. lots of individuals simply have their commonplace gmail and hotmail accounts, and do not adjust these email addresses with the contacts on their phone.

Do I add my friends if they do not show up?

Another way of adding friends is by sharing your Kik username. you may usually see folks sharing their Kik Username on this web site and different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Using the username is perhaps the simplest thanks to add somebody on Kik. however there's one last manner, that's victimisation Kik codes. If {you're|you ar} acquainted with QR codes then Kik codes are primarily identical idea, except you're sharing your Kik profile.

How am i able to get my Kik code?

Your Kik code are often found by clicking the gear icon to induce to the settings menu. Then you just faucet the Your Kik Code button. currently the Kik code UI is loaded and you'll be able to either share your Kik code or scan another persons kik code.

How am i able to scan somebody else's Kik code?

If you wish to scan some else's Kik code (or the Kik code for a Kik group) then toggle the perform on all-time low of the Kik code screen. this can access your devices camera in order that you'll be able to scan the Kik code and add the friend/Kik cluster.