What Is Kik Messenger: All you need to know

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Kik is a rapid electronic messaging app that permits users to attach mistreatment solely there username. The username lets folks connect with friends, teams and round the world through chat.

Is Kik Free?

Kik doesn't price something to use, however, you'll incur charges if you utilize it on your knowledge arrange. If you utilize it on wi-fi then the info sent is free - unless, of course, you've got a information measure cap that you simply have exceeded. most of the people ought to be okay although simply mistreatment Kik on Wi-Fi

Kik Platforms

Supported platforms embrace iOS, robot and Windows Phone Devices.

  • Kik on the App Store
  • Kik Android Download
  • Kik Messenger for Windows Phone

Upgrading The Kik

Keeping your Kik App up to this point is neccesary to urge all the latest options.

Kik makes it straightforward to upgrade your app

To upgrade Kik for iOS

  1. move to Settings
  2. choose facilitate U.S.A.
  3. choose Update Kik

To upgrade Kik for Android

  1. move to Google Play Store
  2. rummage around for Kik courier
  3. transfer any accessible updates

To upgrade Kik for Windows Phone:

  1. move to Settings
  2. choose facilitate U.S.A.
  3. choose Check for Updates

Multiple Kik Accounts

Yes, you're allowed to possess over one Kik account.

Since it's not restricted by number like WhatsApp, you'll be able to produce multiple accounts simply mistreatment another email address.

Just note that if you close of Kik then your messages can all be erased. thus take care to avoid wasting any messages that you simply would like. but all of the Kik Usernames you've got supplementary can still be there if and once you opt to login once more.

Can I be logged in to Kik on multiple devices at once?

No, Kik solely permits folks to login to at least one account at a time.

This is a security feature. The account signs it self off mechanically if you sign into through another device. it'll additionally clear your chat history. this can be all a security feature to stay folks safe from account violations.

Again, the kik users you've got supplementary are going to be there still if and once you opt to login once more.

Have fun and browse over a number of our safety tips.