Exclamation Mark Error In Kik

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What will the punctuation mark (!) mean on Kik? generally you will see Associate in Nursing punctuation mark. this implies that there's a tangle along with your chat. You message can't be sent.

How to get rid of Exclamation mark Error on Kik

The main reason the error happens is as a result of your web affiliation isn't operating. However, an easy restart of the Kik app might fix it.

If not, attempt finding some random person on our Kik Usernames list and ensuring that it's not owing to the person you're making an attempt to contact.

To test if it's your web affiliation, you may attempt employing a completely different Wi-Fi network. If there's no Wi-Fi network offered then shift to your information set up would conjointly work.

And contrariwise. That is, if you are presently mistreatment your information set up, making an attempt mistreatment Wi-Fi.

Try gap a browser on your phone and navigating to a reliable web site like google.com and see if it masses. If Google is loading okay, then your affiliation is okay. If this can be the case, typically closing the Kik app and restarting your phone can solve it.

Other Errors

You may see another error on Kik. this can be the three dot error (). this can be another affiliation error. Kik isn't connecting because it ought to.

You will encounter this right once you send a message, however it ought to get away terribly quickly. it'll get replaced with Associate in Nursing S scan notification.

This implies that your message was sent with success. This doesn't mean, however, that the opposite person has scan your message.