Best 3 Security Features Of Kik

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Many apps, like WhatsApp, offer their users access given that they supply personal details like their number. Kik, on the opposite hand, is targeted around privacy.

Kik Usernames Girls square measure used rather than in person characteristic data (like phone #) to move with others.

Kik Usernames

You might be inquisitive, what if the username is giving for free in person characteristic data. smart question. Kik recommends selecting usernames that square measure arduous to guess. sometimes a mix of random letters, numbers and different characters. No in person characteristic data like birth year, full name, or number ought to be additional into the username.

Login Reset

Did you recognize that if you log in to your Kik account from another device, all of your messages are going to be erased? this is often each a decent factor and a foul factor.

The dangerous factor is, of course, all of your messages are going to be gone. the nice factor is that if anyone breaks into your account, they wont be able to scan any of the messages that you just have sent.

New Chats

The new chats feature from Kik can place the messages you receive in an exceedingly separate section except all of the opposite folks you always discuss with.

There's conjointly associate degree choice to mute notifications from the new chats. thus during this manner, you do not have to be compelled to worry regarding being at random contacted by somebody you doable do not know.

To off notifications from folks you do not recognize, visit the Settings menu from the Kik app. faucet the notifications button and toggle the new chats possibility.

Another smart factor regarding the new chats is that any new chats that contain photos are going to be blurred. No read receipt can even be sent till you contact them (if you do).