Information About Kik Symbols

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Using Kik is pretty straightforward. individuals will be a part of the app for free of charge and begin to speak with people right when they produce their account. when linguistic communication up for kik simply hunt for some Kik Online.

Kik is focused around an honest expertise, the general public realize it straightforward to use for this reason. There square measure some things that you simply ought to fathom Kik traveller before you begin victimisation it.

These little things can facilitate your understanding of what Kik is and the way to maximise its ability to stay connected with people.

Kik Symbols

Knowing what Kik symbols square measure will enhance your expertise of chatting with others and meeting new individuals. this text can tell you what the symbols on Kik signify.

What square measure Kik Symbols?

Unlike regular texting, all messages that square measure sent or recieved through Kik can have a letter displayed next to the chat. The symbols square measure browse reciepts and therefore the letters signify various things.

Kik Letter Symbols

Kik letter symbols square measure those that you simply can come upon the foremost. There square measure 3 letter symbols: S, R and D.

The S symbols suggests that sent. this suggests that your message was sent. thus once you see associate S once your Kik chatting together with your friends.

It means your message has been delivered successfuly to the opposite person. Or a gaggle of you are presently during a gorup chat. The S means the message has been sent.

This doesn't mean that the user or cluster of individuals that you simply square measure chatting with have seen it nonetheless. If the S remains on the message, perhaps your Kik friend isn't presently on Kik immediately.

The S image is barely one in every of the symbols. the opposite image that you will see on Kik traveller is that the D image. The D image stands for delivered. this suggests that the message has finally been recieved on your friends phone or device.

This doesn't mean, however, that they need seen the message. they'll have seen some of the message from a push notification (if they need them enabled). most likely tho', they need not browse your entire message.

However rest assured, if you see this image that your message is on their phone and prepared to be checked out.

If the image could be a D that person won't have their phone with them. Another potential reason is that their phone is turned off or they need not launch the Kik app during a whereas. perhaps they need simply not seen the message.

The D Kik image can stay like this till they need seen the message. There are 2 differing types of D Kik Symbols: a gray one and a a black one. The gray one means the user has recieved a push notification.

If the D is solid black then the person ahs browse the notification. in order that they have, maybe seen your message within the notification however not within the app. This solely applies sure as shooting operative systems.

The R image means the user has browse your Kik message. The R stands for browse. this suggests that the message has been checked out one the Kik app and skim by the recipient.

If you see associate R, and that they haven't replied nonetheless, it can be as a result of {they square measure|they're} busy or as a result of the are ignoring you. If you are being unnoticed, perhaps its time to seek out some new friends on kik usernames.