All About Kik Group Reporting

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Kik cares concerning its users safety and privacy quite something. generally you would possibly come upon a gaggle that's offensive or hateful. the simplest issue Associate in Nursingd do} isn't to urge into an argument, however to report the Kik cluster and also the people accountable for the messages.

How to Report a gaggle on Kik

The first issue you would like to try and do is faucet the cluster name at the highest of the cluster chat. Press 3 vertical dots icon within the high manus corner of the interface.

From here you'll be able to report the cluster. opt for the choice you wish to report for: "I don't desire to be during this group", "This cluster is offensive", "This cluster is being employed for abuse".

If you wish to incorporate the chat so in may be reviewed by kik you'll be able to conjointly toggle this selection in your report. faucet the report button to end causation the report.

How to Report someone in an exceedingly Kik Group

Sometimes, the cluster itself is okay, however there's a somebody in there that's abusing the chat and creating offensive comments. otherwise you may notice associate trickster. Kik doesn't excuse impersonators.

You ought to report folks you come upon onKik Girlthat don't seem to be real, or they're deceit to be one thing they're not, as an example, Kik staff, a celeb, or a brand.

You can report the person by sound the profile image of this user. choose the report choice and also the reason for coverage.

Again, a bit like coverage a gaggle, you'll be able to embrace your chat history therefore it may be reviewed by Kik. end the report by sound report and block.