What You Should Do If Your Kik Video Chat Is Not Working

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If you are having issues along with your affiliation. Toggle the aeroplane mode on and off in your iOS/Android/Windows settings. take a look at your web affiliation by reaching to a random website.

Swith to a special Wi-Fi affiliation if that does not work. or even strive switch to victimization your information arrange. strive finding another person on Kik Girls to speak with, to form certain it's not your friend that's having issues.

Make sure that the folks you are rebuke are not muted, if you are having issues along with your sound. you'll be able to unmute users by sound on their video chat bubble.

Check your iOS/Android/Windows settings to form certain your Kik app has the right permissions to use the mike.

For video issues will|you'll|you'll be able to} check your iOS/Android/Windows phone settings to form certain that Kik can use your camera. If this doesn't work, then force shut the app then open it once more.

Other stuff you will strive are:

  • Restarting your device
  • Updating your Kik app
  • Updating the software package / computer code on your phone