How To Share Kik Usernmes

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If you would like to share your profile, language up for Girls On Kik is that the best thanks to share your kik username.

You can conjointly share your profile on widespread social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and additional.

To share your profile:

  • Tap the settings button from the most chat list
  • Tap the share button
  • Then simply choose the social network that you simply wish to share your profile on
  • As you'll see, it's terribly simple to share your Kik profile and kik username.

Alternative methodology of sharing your Kik profile is by sharing your Kik code. The Kik code permits people to feature you and chat with you, a bit like your username.

In order to share your kik code: head to the settings menu, faucet your kik code, so press the share icon.

Share your kik code on our website or alternative social networking applications could build it visible to the general public and anyone will contact you if they see it. Some folks could or might not wish this betting on their level of comfort with privacy.

What is a Kik Code?

Kik codes, like kik usernames, are often shared so as to quickly and simply add new kik friends or be part of kik teams on Kik traveller.

Kik codes conjointly provide a meaty service because the enable one to attach to speak bots. you'll even order and get a occasional employing a chat larva. they're changing into terribly advanced.

How to Scan a Kik code?

Scanning a Kik code is very straightforward. simply navigate to the Kik app. From the most chat list click on the sign menu button and faucet "Scan a Kik Code" - then merely, purpose your phones camera at the Kik code. this may scan the Kik code and you'll be done.

Another way to scan a Kik code is to travel into settings, again, so faucet "Your Kik Code". at the moment you turn to your phones camera by sound the toggle button at very cheap of the screen. Then simply purpose the phones camer at the Kik code and it'll be scanned

In order to visualize your personal Kik code, that permits you to share your profile with others, faucet the and button from the most chat list. Once you've got done that, choose the scan a Kik code possibility so switch the toggle at very cheap of the screen from camera to "Your Kik Code"

The most straightforward thanks to get your Kik code is to merely head to settings so faucet "Your Kik Code"

Did you know Kik groups can also have their own Kik code?

This is often pretty handy for sharing. In order to share a Kik cluster kik code you initially open the cluster chat on Kik traveller. faucet the the cluster name possibility once gap the cluster chat. The cluster name possibility is found at the highest of the chat beside the bigger than sign button. Then faucet "Show Kik Code" and click on the share button on the highest right corner

The background color of the Kik code are often modified before sharing it. so as ot amendment the background color of the Kik code before sharing it, merely faucet the Kik code and it'll amendment the background color of the Kik code.

As always, once you share a Kik code with others, or particularly with social media, anyone are able to see the Kik cluster on those social media websites.

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