What Actually A Kik Browser Is?

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Kik has its own application program and might be accessed through the media receptacle within the chats

Using the Kik browser permits you to find new webpages and conjointly share link together with your Kik Finder friends through chat. something you visit or send through chat are going to be added to your net history.

If you would like to manage your net history, then you'll be able to access it from the settings menu. you simply visit the settings menu then faucet the "your net history" button.

On the Apple iPhone you can not see the webpages through Discover additional Webpages or search. The kik browser, instead, can show you an inventory of webpages you've got already been to.

The web history will be simply cleared, if you would like to try to to thus. To clear the Kik browser net history simply press the clear button within the net history settings represented on top of.

Alternatively, you'll be able to simply clear net history type a conversation faucet the boxes, then net history, then click the clear button.