Kikadvised responses are and the way to use them."> Kikadvised responses are and the way to use them."/>

Some More Kik Suggested Responses

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If you are uninterested in individuals onKik Username, then perhaps you'll attempt chatting for a bot with somewhat. during this article we {are going to} reconsider whatKikadvised responses are and the way to use them.

What ar Kik bot advised responses? Replying to bots is created easy with the advised responses feature. advised responses enable you to hurry up and acquire the total profit out of your Kik bot expertise. you will see choices such as:

  • Earn Points
  • Balance
  • Track Progress
  • Set Goal

It depends on the Kik bot you are exploitation. simply faucet the advised response you wish to send to send it.

You'll additionally sort your message in by shift to the particular keyboard. this can be solely out there for bots that have enabled this selection, however.

 If you wish to send the bot a message exploitation your keyboard rather than exploitation the advised responses, press the kind a message field to begin chatting with the bot instead.

If you do not like this manner, then you'll invariably switch back to the advised responses choice. 

Tap the advised responses icon to change back to the advised responses keyboard. you may solely see the advised responses icon if you are targeted on the kind a message field. The advised responses icon is found beside the message field.